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Curl Media

Dr. Leslie Lyons and her Staff at the University of California, Davis have undertaken the task of researching the origins of the Domestic Cat by having hundreds of breeds brought to the Campus of the Research Center on June 14, 2008.  Genetic (DNA) Testing was initiated as swabs were taken from all of the known breeds present at that time, as well as from ferile cats populations in some of the remotest areas of the world, including the area known as the "Fertile Crescent" of the Middle East where it has been widely believed the first cats were domesticated as pets.

The National Geographic Channel recorded this event as one of their specials, "The Science of  Cats" and has aired this on their Channel several times since.

Four representative catteries participated for the American Curl Breed and Curl Essence was one of the four.

We are extremely pleased and honored that our cats made it into the TV Special and survived the cutting room floor.


This is an Ad which ran in Cat Fancy Magazine features CH Procurlharem JulieKurl. 

Also pictured above as inserts are Curl Essence Patch de Curl, Patches, a Silver Patched Mac Tabby and below her, we see Grand Champion Curl Essence Cinnamon, our first Grand Champion boy. 

Curl Essence was proud to be the importer of the first American Curls to Brazil.


On the cover of this issue is Curl Essence Great Is Thy Salvation, "Sassy".

Ana Claudia Andrade of Legato Cattery in Parana State, Brazil has American Curls now along with her Scottish Folds and Britsih Short Hairs.



Pictured below is Curl Essence Great Is Thy Salvation, "Sassy". Sassy gave us Sarafina before we shipped her to Parana, Brazil... Sarafina is a CFA 2010/2011 National Winner.

Magazine article is in the Portuguese language.


Shown here below in the inset is a picture of Curlniques Shulamith, the very first American Curl discovered in Lakewood, California.  Holding "Shu" is Grace Ruga who, together with her husband Joe, are the founders of this wonderful breed discovered in 1981.


Shown here in the inset at the lower right of this page are Curl Essence Elizabeth Curly, "Lizzy", and her baby Legato Greg (cream).  Below from left to right are CH Curl Essence Thou Art Beautiful, "Beauty" who is currently showing in CFA in Championship, and GC BW NW Curl Essence Sarafina, "Sara" who is a National Winner in CFA for Show Year 2010 - 2011.
Cattery Legato is one of two catteries in Brazil we started with the very first American Curls introduced to Brazil.

Evaluating the Curl as a Kitten - Ruthie