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Straight from emails we've received.....

We've stated that we believe we provide the best American Curl pets you will find anywhere from the comments we receive from the owners of our babies.  We decided that rather than asking our website visitors to take our word for it, we would let you read some of the comments we have received. 
Note: some of these emails have been edited to remove dialog that does not pertain to this page, but otherwise, we have not changed the content.   These emails are why we feel we can make the statement above with confidence... it's not just us... we love our babies, but read below and you will see how they have changed the lives and families of the people that have our cats.  Trust us when we tell you that some of these emails will touch your heart as much as they have touched ours.

You will see some duplication of pictures on this page and kittens on Our Family Album page.  Our final goal for this page is to show you the kitten pictures that we posted on our Kitten for Sale page when these new owners first contacted us.  Then, as we  locate pictures of them as they grew as kittens, we want to add those so you can see how they changed as they matured, and finally, pictures that have been sent to us from the new owners showing the babies growing up.    So this is not only a testimonial page, but a way for you to see the changes in the kittens as they grow and ultimately, what you might expect one of the babies on our Kittens for Sale page to grow into as an adult... oh ya, and how to expect them to change your lives forever.

 Curl Essence Remington
Remington as a kitten
This was taken when we were having trouble with our photo sftwr. colors are pixelated.
From: E.D.
Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2007 7:12 PM
To: Linda Bull
Subject: Re: Remi

Great to hear from you. I will try and take a couple of new photos of Remi and send them. He has really turned into a gorgeous cat.
I thought about showing him but I don't really have the time.
I think he is one of a kind.His looks have totally changed from the baby pictures.
Take care and I will send you the info soon.



Curl Essence Budster and CurlEssence Burt ReyCurl
Budster is a Blue Mac Tabby
Buster lives with Burt ReyCurl seen below
From:  A.S. - Ohio
Sent:  Tue, 6 Feb 2007
To:  Linda Bull
Burt ReyCurl and Budster are best friends.  Budster gets groomed three times a day.  In fact, in the morning we all get groomed around 4 a.m.  Burt loves to play fetch and sounds like a small elephant and I respond likewise, we communicate.
It is a scream to hear me call out "urrumph" and hear Burt ReyCurl answer from some place "urrumph".  If he feels that he has not had enough attention, he will beg to be held like a baby and nestle his head in my arm, of course this is while I am at the computer trying to type... he is such a joy.
A.S - Ohio

THis is "Budster's" playmate "Burt ReyCurl"
Burt is a Silver Mac Tabby and this was what he looked like when he shipped.

Curl Essence Heathcliff
Heathcliff was a furr ball as a baby.
Heathcliff iss a Silver Mac Tabby and now resides in Holloywood.
Date:  Sunday, July 9, 2006
From: J.S.
Subject:  Heathcliff
I thought you might like to see some pictures of my little guy after he has grown up.
He has the most amazing personality and is the real ringleader of the household, now.  He gets more beautiful every day.  You certainly were right about these being extraordinary cats.
Best Wishes,
J. S. - Hollywood, CA

Heathcliff now at full size
Heathcliff gets to see some real Hollywood celebrities in his new home.


Curl Essence Gwenevere
Curl Essence Gwenevere Curl
Gwen is a Silver Mac Tabby
Date:  Thursday, Feb. 08, 2007
From:  T.K.
To:  Linda Bull
Subject:  Update of Gwen
Gwen is a wonderful Cat.  Gwen is so happy and so sweet!  Everyone that comes in contact with her can't help but fall in love with her.  Many people want to take her home with them. LOL! 
Gwen always has to be touching me in some manner.  If I am on the computer she has to be on my lap.  If I am watching TV in the living room she has to be draped over my lap with her paws touching me or hanging over my legs.
She often sleeps with me in the bed, and then she does a bed check in the middle of the night she will come up to me and pet my cheek and smell my mouth  as if she was checking to see if I was still alive and breathing.
T. K.

This is a temporary pic of Gwen
We are waiting for a newer picture from Gwens owner.

Curl Essence Sabrina Fair
Sabrina is a Blue Mac Tabby
This little girl had enough personality for two kittens!
Linda and Mike:
Date:   September 15, 2007
To:  Linda & Mike
From:  G.A.
Subjecy:  Sabrina Fair
We are being held hostage by a kitten ........... please send help!!  
I'm kidding of course.  Sabrina is exactly as you described she would 
be.  She purrs like a motor boat,  she is exploring everything and 
running all over the house.  We love her.  Thank you very much for the extra food and toys and the kitty bed you sent along.  It's very 
apparent that you care a great deal for your animals.  You can rest 
assured we will do the same.  When Sabrina gets settled,  we will take some pictures and send you the info about our other cat.

Thanks again, 

G. A.

Sabrina really isn't that tuff...
But if you need someone to run your home she can do it!

Sabrina on the fridge...
... I'm told it's a long story

Update to Sabrina Fair
Date: June 12, 2011


Linda and Mike
Hi...hope you guys are doing well.  I was on your website... again... looking at your gorgeous kittys.  Just wanted to say hi.  A couple of Sabrina pics for you.  Update on her status.  She is still the boss and we... are not.  So really no change there.  We love her dearly... can't imagine life without her.
Arleen says that when she hears my truck pull into the driveway... she runs back and forth from the door to the window to the door meowing all the way.  There's really nothing like that... she's the best cat ever.


CH Curl Essence Mynishka Curl, "Nikki"
Nikki was our first colorpoint
We have kept her for many years until finding her the perfect home
From:  L. E.
To:  Mike & Linda
Subject:  Nikki
Date:  Thu, 14 Aug 2008
Nikki has settled in wonderfully!  She is the absolute sweetest thing on four feet... and she has almost won over our other cat with kitty kindness.  She loves to sit and cuddle with us.  She loves to be brushed (especially her tummy, which totally amazed our vet), and she actually comes when she is called (well, sometimes and if there is food involved).
You guys obviuosly loved and cared for her because it shows in her behavior.  Bob and I are amazed at how well she's fit in, and so thankful to have her.
L. E.

Nikki loves her new home
Nikki just loves to be brushed

Update to "Nikki" 6/15/2011


Pretty Girl


"Darn dog!"

Hi Mike,
Greg (Sabrina's dad) forwarded me an email correspondence between you where you, inquiring about Nikki.  Well, she is doing great... and is one of the sweetest cats on the planet by the way!
L. E.

Curl Essence Wilson
March 2009


Wilson as a kitten

Vicki now has three of our Curls.  Rusty, Dessy, and Wilson.  Vicki has joined us in showing Wilson at the CFA South West Regional shows in the Grand Premiere Class.
Dessy, the Black boy in the bowl, seems to like to spend most of his time in the kitchen... I wonder why???
Vicki and her family live in the Long Beach/Lakewood area of California and her husband is working in Saudia Arabia.  While he is away the cats give her great comfort and companionship as do her two sons.
Just as a point of interest the original American Curl, Shulamith, was discovered in her town.


Curl Essence Wilson acheives Grand Premiere.


Curl Essence Dessy

Curl Essence Skippy-John and Curl Essence Cutie

The kittens just loved the basket and even fell asleep on the photographers backdrop while she was finishing.  They were so photogenic that she took many pictures for her site too.

(we just had to post this really cute Christmas card which is a first.  As far as we know, none of our other owners have put their babies on a Christmas card.)

L. M.



Nov. 13. 2012

Hello Mike & Linda,
Just an update - the cats are doing Great.  Cowboy loves to sit on me all the time... he's a love. We have a gas old fashioned looking stove heater in the living room and the cats love to sit in front of it.  I don't know how they can stand it, it's so hot.  When it's not on and they want it on they meow for us to turn it on.
I have a fridge that beeps if the door is left open and when Kinder hears it he trys to close the door.  He's tall enough that he can stand up and reach it but Cowboy tried but he's not tall enough yet
They are the sweetest babies.  When we have company come over they just go right up to them and love on people they have never seen before.
One day we had visitors over and one lady who has a serious illness was in a wheelchair and Kinder just jumped right up in her lap and loved on her and stayed in her lap almost the entire time she was at the house... this lady couldn't speak well due to her handicap, but she was in awe of Kinder and just kept giggling at him.
Thank you so much for letting us have these two cats - they are just the best cats in the wolrd!
New York City.


Curl Essence Kinder (Mr. Lincoln)


Curl Essence Cowboy

Curl Essence Kali

Curl Essence Kali, "Stowaway"

Dec. 30, 2012
Linda & Mike,
Kali is a joy, for sure. She's long and plump and full of energy! She loves being around us and climbing the Christmas decorations is a favorite pasttime.
Thank you so much for letting us take her home - she is really thriving, and I love her so much.  My older Grandaughter (4 1/2) is also very taken with her.  She comes scooting down the stairs in the mornig just to set with Kali awhile before going to preschool.  It has been a powerful motivator for her to eat her breakfast and brush her teeth.
Everyone is really loving her (Ryan is so inaftuated with her!) She's a regular Rocket when she gets silly.
Thank you,
Southern California

Evaluating the Curl as a Kitten - Ruthie