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Rusty Enlarge Photos

Enlarged photos of Rusty - or Crimson Curlsader


The picture above and below were taken on Sat 9/9/06.  He was having soo much fun, I had a hard time getting him to sit still long enough to take a picture.  He's moving in the one below, but it's such a great pictures of his fur, I had to put it up for you.


The pictures below were taken a month or so earlier.  The color adjustments on the computer distorted the color of his fur some.  But you can still see the markings so I decided to leave them.
Rusty has already been neutered.  When he a Cinnamon are standing together, the only way we can tell which is which is that Rusty is slightly smaller.  Otherwise, their colors are identical.  You can see Cinnamon on Our Cats page.  Click the link on the Kittens for Sale page right above the lower left picture of Rusty.


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Evaluating the Curl as a Kitten - Ruthie