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CFA Standard and Illustrations

This page is a work in progress.  We will be continually adding to it as we get new pictures to illustrate the standard for this breed. 
Currently we have pages linked that illustrate different characteristics of the standard for American Curls.  Eventually, we will consolitate all onto one page for you.

We will be continually adding new links to this page.  These links are also linked to many of the cats and/or kittens from our other pages.  We use picture of our cats to illustrate features in the CFA Standards.  We've added these page not only for people that may be considering showing either as premier (alters) or for breeding, but also for people that just want more information on Curl standards.  The standards will offer a description, but it is each judge's INTERPRETATION of this standard that matters when they are judging the cat. 
Because Curls are relatively new to CFA and there are so few being shown at CFA shows, many judges rarely even see the Curls.  So what we are adding on these pages is to the best of our knowledge what we are seeing from the shows we attend as to HOW the different judges are interpreting the written standard.  Because a picture is worth 1000 words, we are using pictures to help our viewers visualize the written standard.  We  will be giving you the standard as it is written in the CFA Standards book and the number of points each item is worth. 
When judging a cat or kitten at a CFA show, various features are given a value in number of points.  We will be giving the exact wording from the Standards book and number of points each feature is given when rating an American Curl.  Note that each breed has a totally different point system for the significant features for that breed.  We are only describing the American Curl here.


Click here to see illustrations of the amount of Curl in the Ears - Jacque O Curl used for illustrations

Body Structure as a Kitten - "QT" Queen of Torts used for illustration

Nicurlous Photos

The head - A TOTAL OF 20 POINTS -

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Evaluating the Curl as a Kitten - Ruthie