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Head, muzzle, chin... total 8 points

Below are more photos of Reynaldo.... Well, I did have pics of Reynaldo for these illustrations.  I deleted them and Mike's kicking me off the computer.  I'll get some new ones of Sandra and post later.

Reynaldo has great curl to his ears.  He has a firm body and is going to be an absolutely stunningly beautiful cat.

Here's another important feature to look for.  We will illustrate it on some of our older cats also.  But what we want you to focus on in this picture is the profile from the top of the brow to the chin. 
The muzzle is worth 4 points in show. 
The chin is worth 2 points.
The profile is worth 6 points.
The shape & size of the head is forth 8 points.
For a total of 20 points JUST FOR THE HEAD.
Here's the way the standard reads: "Muzzle: rounded with gentle transition, no pronounced whisker break. Chin: firm, in line with nose and upper lip."
The judges are looking for a nice refined and smooth curvature from the brow to the chin.  They will put alot of emphasis on whether the top of the lip and the lower chin form a straight line in the profile. The chin should not be recessed. 

The eyes are worth 10 points in judging. 
Here's the breakdown of the points for the eyes:
Shape & Size = 6 points
Placement = 3 points
Color = 1 point
Here's how the standard reads for eyes: "EYES - Shape:  walnut, oval on top and round on bottom.  Placement: set on slight angle between base of ear and tip of nose one eye width apart. Size:  moderately large. Color: clear, brilliant, no relation to coat color except blue eyes required in colorpoint class."
When I get pictures of Sandra, I will add a link from here to her page so you can check out her eyes also.  Eyes are SOOOO IMPORTANT!  They may only be worth 10 points, but there are judges that will final the cat with the best eyes.  The eyes not only mark this breed, but they give it so much of it's character. 

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