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Champion Hall

GC BW NW Curl Essence Sarafina
Our newest Grand Champion, Sarafina, Granded on 2/6/2011 at Phoenix Arizona. 
At the close of the 2010 - 2011 Show Season Sara also finished as Best of Breed in Region 5, Second Best of Breed in the Nation, and Third Best of Breed for National/Regional.




"Hey... where's the rest of my treat?  I did good!"

Sara became a Grand Champion at the Phoenix Show on 2/6/2011. She is currently the Best American Curl Long-Hair Division in Region 5 (as of March 31, 2011.)


GC NW  BW Curl Essence Sarafina has finished as Best American Curl in Region 5 for the CFA Show Year 2010 - 2011. 
She has also finised the Second Best American Curl in the Nation and Third Best of Breed for Regional/National.


We were unable to attend the National Awards but we just received Sarafina's National award in the mail.

GP BW Curl Essence Flame of Life
Flame Granded on 1/2/2011 at the Las Vegas Show.
He also placed Second Best of Breed Premier /Second Best Color in Kitten Class Region 5.

Flame is out of CH Curl Essence Chocolate Latte and Curl Essence The Lord Our Defence.  Flame is currently residing in  El Segundo, CA with his brother, PR Curl Essence Covenant Mister.

Introducing CH Curl Essence Cimarron
Cream Lynx Point - Male






These pictures were taken on July 11, 2010 and show how Cimarron's color points filled in as he got older.  The professinal shots above were taken when he was only about six months old...he is now almost 2 1/2 years old.
Cimarron is our main Sire in the cattery at this time.

CH Curl Essence Son-of-Righteousness, "Sonny"
Sonny, is  a Red Classic Tabby male and he showed for the first time as a Champion on Otcober 1, 2011 in Palm Springs.


Sonny is nine months old in this picture.  



GP Curl Essence Wilson
Is a Brown Spotted TabbyWilson became a Grand Premiere on03/15/2009.  Wilson is a Brown Spotted Tabby. Wilson was shown and is owned by Vicky Davis in Lakewood, California.




We keep our toys on top of the entertainment center so the cats don't trash them.  Ruthie has decided that the height of the entertainment center should not be a deterrent.  She knows this is where the fun stuff is and we caught her hunting for them on her own.

CH Curl Essence Ruth of Moab, "Ruthie"

CFA Judge David Mare judging Ruthie as Best American Curl (Video)



This is CH Curl Essence Ruth of Moab, Ruthie.


These pictures were taken at 7 mo.  Ruthie is still showing as a kitten now but will "open" as a champion in January 2009.  She has a really bright red and soft soft SOFT fur, and an incredibly long fluffy tail.  Her mom is Gaelicurls "NeuNeu".  We have determined that we have a new breed of cat at our house.  We call them "NeuNeu-ites".  NeuNeu has taught her babies ways to get into trouble that none of our other kitties ever knew.  It just seems to come naturally to NeuNeu's babies... all of them.  It is not unusual for us to find kittens snoozing in my pots and pans or mixing bowls anymore.  (This is new to us, but Grace assures me that this is typical of a Curl.) 



We are pleased to announce that Cinnamon is our new Grand Champion.  Cinnamon GRANDED at the 2006 Pasadena Cat Show.


GC RBW Curl Essence Cinnamon
Cinnamon became a Grand Champion August 19, 2006. Cinnamon also was a Regional Winner placing  Best American Curl Long-Hair Division 2005 - 2006 year show season.  He also got Regional recognition for 3rd Best American Curl Long-Hair Division 2006 - 2007 show Year.

Cinnamon is available for sale, lease or stud services.


Cinnamon as a baby.


CH Procurlharem Sir CurlsAlot, "Erskin" is our foundation stud male. Erskin has the genes, the looks and the personality that makes us proud.   All of our foundation cats are from Grand Champion lines, but it's Erskin's loving personality that just adds that extra plus to our kittens.  Erskin and Cinnamon are the red tabby and blue tabby on the top of each of our webpages.  Both pictures were taken independently of each other by Chanan.  He just happened to get the exact same pose and look and we laid Erskin's picture on top of Cinnamon's for our website.  (That's Mike's genius as a graphic artist... )

CONGRATS - GC Curl Essence Natalie of Curl House
Owner: Sara Tsui, Hong Kong


We have just received word that Sara has Granded "Curl Essence Natalie of Curl House" in Hong Kong - August 15, 2008
Natalie is out of Curl Essence Cinnamon and Curl Essence Patch de Curl "Patches."

CH Procurlharem JulieKurl


Julie is one of our Champion queens.  She is from Procurlharem lines.  Her mom is "Stella" and her dad is Mancurlian Candidate... both are Silver Tabbies.


CH RW Curlessence Moonlit Torti Curl. 
Torti now resides in Manhattan. 
Torti won a Regional Award for Second Best American Curl - Long -Hair Division in Kitten Class for the 2005 - 2006 show season before going to a new home in New York.

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This is CH RW Curlessence Sandra Curllock
"You aren't gonna leave me here alone are you?"

CH RW BW Curl Essence Sandra Curllock achieved a Regional win as Best American Curl Long-Hair Division 2006 - 2007 show year season.


Judges are telling us Sandra has it all...Ears, Eyes, Body, Profile, Tail and Coat...and did I say Eyes?



When "Sandra Curllock" began showing in CFA as a kitten,  she  finaled in all but one ring consistently in all four shows.  She won 49 points towards her Grand points at her first competition in championship in San Jacinto Sept 2&3, 2006.
Sandra is a Brown Spotted Tabby and she is still growing into her whiskers....  Notice how the color bars on her sides and hind end are broken... thus, "spotted tabby".


GP RW Curl Essence BuddyCurl "Buddy", has achieved 19th Best Premeir in the Nation CFA.  His owners, Jane Lopresti and daughters Lindsey and Shae of "Precious Curls" are very proud, as are we.  Actually, this cat belongs to Lindsey... and she'll let you know that in a split second.


These pictures were taken by Chanan for the Regional Awards coming up soon.

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